EDO12 series Digital Linear Gauge


Compact and tough detector for detecting various dimensions, displacement.
Protective structure IP64.
Excellent durability, vibration resistance and impact.

Model EDO12-1 EDO12-01 EDO12-001
Measuring Range 0~12.50mm
Resolution 1µm 0.1µm 0.01µm
Accuracy ≤2µm ≤1µm ≤0.2µm
Measuring Force 0.7±0.2N(the others optionable)
Power 5 ~ 24 VDC
Output Incremental encoder signal (RS485,RS232 optionable)
Life Circle 10 million or greater
Dimensions 15 x 33.6 x 107.8mm
Weight 133g(with cable)


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