ETG2000 Film Thickness Gauge


Digital and analog dual display.
Multi-measurement mode: ABS / INC.
With basic TIR measurement capabilities.
Multi-data transmission interface: USB interface, wireless interfacen.
Wireless report printing.
Remote sensing ˇ°buttonˇ±: non-contact operation.
Cast iron measuring stand base, High precision ceramic table.

Measuring Range 2 mm (0.078 inch)
Accuracy ±1.0µm
Resolution 0.1 µm (0.005 mil)
Repeated Error 0.3 µm (0.01 mil)
Measuring Force 0.8 ~ 1 N
Power 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery
Charger / Adapter USB / BM charger, 110 ~ 240VAC
Output Interface USB, wireless serial port
Dimensions 210X160X280 mm
Net Weight 8.1 kg
Certificate CE


Mainly Unit
Data Cable

Thermal wireless printer
EWT-USB1 Wireless Transceiver
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